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MALE VOICE: KUSI News at 10:00 is live now.

MALE VOICE: David Westerfield's defense team is now trying to paint a picture of a man verbally and psychologically battered by police, whose civil rights were violated, and who might've been victimized by police, who didn't do their jobs right. First of many arguments about that will happen this Thursday in fact. And KUSI's Doug Curlee is here right now with a look ahead. Doug?

DOUG CURLEE: You know, and Westerfield's lawyers, no, they have a tough nut to crack. So it appears they're counterattacking by trying to put the police on trial, much as O.J. Simpson's defense team did. The whole thing rests on credibility. Who has it and who doesn't? Mark Keyser and Mike Ott are both veteran detectives. But even the police department has admitted publicly they had no business attempting to talk to David Westerfield in jail after he'd hired an attorney without that attorney present. That has provoked this coming Thursday's hearing over whether the defense lawyers should be able to browse through their entire career records in hopes of finding other cases where the two might've violated the law or at least the rules. All the people directly connected with the case have been gagged by court order. But Everett Bobbitt has not.

He is the Police Association lawyer. And he once tried a case where Mark Keyser was an important part. He says he doesn't thing Steve Feldman is going to find what he's looking for in Mark Keyser's personnel package.

EVERETT BOBBITT: Well, I can tell you from my own personal knowledge Mark Keyser has absolutely nothing in his background that should legitimately call into question his credibility.

DOUG CURLEE: Just that simple.

EVERETT BOBBITT: It's that simple. And I know his file.

DOUG CURLEE: This is the only video we have of Mike Ott. He was working undercover years ago when the infamous Saks smash and grab robbery happened. But Bobbitt says he doesn't know of anything adverse in Ott's personnel file either. So what is this all about? Kerry Armstrong is in criminal defense practice with KUSI consultant Kerry Stigerwald. What it's about is simple.

KERRY ARMSTRONG: To find out if these officers have credibility problems. And I think that the judge will probably at least look at the materials in camera and then make a decision as to whether part or all of those materials will be released to the defense.

DOUG CURLEE: Feldman has been quoted as saying he may want to see the records of every investigator involved in the case and get the names and phone numbers of every person those 18 investigators ever talked to about any case. That is highly unlikely to happen. But Ott and Keyser may have some of their history spread out in open court. Now we're told there is still an avalanche of motions to come from both sides in this case. And Judge Mike will try to handle them all or most of them in a series of hearings next week. Something will have to be done if both sides still plan to get the trial itself started on May 17th as scheduled. I'm Doug Curlee, KUSI News.

MALE VOICE: And of course, he has to hear motions as well about a preliminary hearing whether to allow cameras there.

DOUG CURLEE: Yes, and the trial itself is what the main concern is about the cameras. And Judge Mike has allowed cameras in the trial itself. He has just said that we're not going to have any live coverage of these hearings as they go on and on and on. And they may go on and on and on. May 17th is looking more and more unlikely by the minute.

MALE VOICE: Okay. Thanks, Doug.


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